Provided by: eegdev-plugins-free_0.2-6_amd64 bug


       eegdev-tobiia - eegdev backend for Tobi Interface A


       The  tobiia  plugin  implements the backend for the eegdev library for reading from a Tobi
       Interface A device.


       This plugin supports several options. The default value  will  be  used  if  none  of  the
       configuration files nor the configuration string (see egd_open(3)) specify the option.

       host   Indicates  the URI of the server. The format should follow the following (standard)
              format  "server[:port]".  The  server  part  can  be   either   an   IPv4   address
              (XX.XX.XX.XX), an IPv6 address or an hostname. If an IPv6 address is used with port
              number,  the  address  must  be  enclosed   in   square   brackets   (for   example
              "[2001:660:3003:2:a00:20ff:fe18:964c]:38500"). The default value is "localhost".

       port   Indicates  the port number to use to connect to the server if the host URI does not
              specify one. The default value is "38500".


           Shared configuration file.

           Configuration file loaded when the tobiia plugin is used. The settings specified  here
           overrides the settings in the shared configuration file.


       egd_open(3), eegdev-options(5)