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       firehol-tos - set the Type of Service (TOS) of packets


       tos value chain [rule-params]


       The tos helper command sets the Type of Service (TOS) field in packet headers.


              There  is  also  a tos parameter which allows matching TOS values within individual
              rules (see firehol-params(5)).

       The value can be an integer number (decimal or hexadecimal)  or  one  of  the  descriptive
       values accepted by iptables(8) (run iptables -j TOS --help for a list).

       The chain will be used to find traffic to mark.  It can be any of the iptables(8) built in
       chains belonging to the mangle table.   The  chain  names  are:  INPUT,  FORWARD,  OUTPUT,
       PREROUTING and POSTROUTING.  These names are case-sensitive.

       The  rule-params define a set of rule parameters to match the traffic that is to be marked
       within the chosen chain.  See firehol-params(5) for more details.

       Any tos commands will affect all traffic matched.  They must be declared before the  first
       router or interface.


               # set TOS to 16, packets sent by the local machine
               tos 16 OUTPUT

               # set TOS to 0x10 (16), packets routed by the local machine
               tos 0x10 FORWARD

               # set TOS to Maximize-Throughput (8), packets routed by the local
               #              machine, destined for port TCP/25 of
               tos Maximize-Throughput FORWARD proto tcp dport 25 dst


firehol(1) - FireHOL program

       • firehol.conf(5) - FireHOL configuration

       • firehol-params(5) - optional rule parameters

       • firehol-tosfix(5) - tosfix config helper

       • iptables(8)  (  -  administration  tool for
         IPv4 firewalls

       • ip6tables(8) ( - administration  tool  for
         IPv6 firewalls

       • FireHOL Website (

       • FireHOL Online PDF Manual (

       • FireHOL Online Documentation (


       FireHOL Team.