Provided by: ipwatchd_1.2.1-1build1_amd64 bug


       ipwatchd.conf - Configuration file of IPwatchD daemon




       IPwatchD  daemon reads configuration from file specified with -c on command line. The file
       contains keyword-argument pairs, one per line. Lines beginning with # sign and empty lines
       are ignored.

       Possible keywords and their meanings are as follows:

              Specifies  configuration  mode  for  network interfaces. In automatic configuration
              mode IPwatchD  detects  all  network  interfaces  automatically  and  sets  passive
              protection  mode for them. In manual mode it is up to administrator to specify list
              of interfaces and protection  modes.  Accepted  values  are  automatic  or  manual.
              Default is automatic.

       iface  Specifies  network  interface  and  its  protection mode. Value is accepted only in
              manual configuration mode. In active protection mode IPwatchD  protects  your  host
              before  IP  takeover by answering Gratuitous ARP requests received from conflicting
              system. In passive protection mode it just records information  about  IP  conflict
              through  standard  syslog  interface. Specified interface must exist and protection
              mode must be passive or active.

              Specifies minimum interval between defensive ARPs in  seconds.  Accepted  value  is
              number from 0 to 600. Default value is 0.

              Specifies  absolute path to user-defined script called by IPwatchD when IP conflict
              occurs. When there is no script specified IPwatchD just generates syslog event  for
              every IP conflict. Specified file must exist. There is no default value.

              Specifies  facility  for logging. Accepted values are auth, authpriv, cron, daemon,
              kern, lpr, mail, news, syslog, user, uucp, local0, local1, local2, local3,  local4,
              local5, local6 and local7. Default value is daemon.


       Automatic configuration mode:

              iface_configuration automatic
              defend_interval 10
              user_script /usr/sbin/ipwatchd-script
              syslog_facility daemon

       Manual configuration mode:

              iface_configuration manual
              iface eth0 active
              iface eth0:0 passive
              defend_interval 10
              user_script /usr/sbin/ipwatchd-script
              syslog_facility daemon


       This manual page was written by Jaroslav Imrich <>


       ipwatchd(8), ipwatchd-script(1)