Provided by: pcp_5.3.7-1_amd64 bug


       labels.conf - Performance Co-Pilot labels configuration




       Several  Performance  Co-Pilot (PCP) tools and utilities support the use of metric labels.
       This functionality applied a hierarchical set of labels to each instance of every  metric,
       as described in pmLookupLabels(3).

       The  pmcd(1)  and  pmproxy(1)  daemons  are  particularly  important to the labels system,
       respectively providing the labels in real-time and  then  discovering  recorded  (archive)
       labels and indexing these for pmseries(1) queries using a redis-server(1).

       The  /etc/pcp/labels.conf  file is a single point of configuration for behaviour affecting
       all labels exported by pmcd or through tools using PMAPI local context services.  It  uses
       the  common  ``ini''  file format and any variable it specifies that is not in an explicit
       square-bracket enclosed section is considered a [global] variable.

       The available configuration variables are as follows :

            When specified in the [global] section,  controls  the  manner  in  which  the  local
            machine-id(5)  is  exported  as  a  label.   The  default  setting  (none)  exports a
            "machineid" context label with value reflecting the contents of  the  /etc/machine-id
            file,  on  any  platforms that provide this file.  The alternative (sha256) exports a
            "machineid_sha256" label, instead, and the value is the SHA256 (one-way) hash of  the


       pmcd(1),   pmproxy(1),   pmseries(1),  redis-server(1),  PMAPI(3),  pmLookupLabels(3)  and