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       lambda-term-inputrc - Key bindings for lambda-term applications




       This manual page describes the format of the ~/.config/lambda-term-inputrc file. This file
       is a text file which associates editing actions to key sequences. Comments  start  with  a
       '#' character and empty lines are ignored.

       Bindings are of the form:

               <key-sequence>: <actions>

       Where  <key-sequence>  is a sequence of keys in the emacs format. For example Control+w is
       written "C-w", Control+Meta+x followed by "e" is written "C-M-x e".  <actions> is  a  list
       of  editing  actions  separeted  by commas. The list of all available actions with a short
       description can be obtained by running the command lambda-term-actions(1) in a terminal.

       The file is divided in two section, the [edit] section and the  [read-line]  section.  The
       first  one  is  for key bindings that apply everyhere and the second for key bindings that
       apply only in read-line.

       Here is an example of bindings:

               C-w: kill-prev-word
               M-!: play-macro

       In addition to letters and symbols the following keys can be used:

               * enter
               * escape
               * tab
               * up
               * down
               * left
               * right
               * f1
               * f2
               * f3
               * f4
               * f5
               * f6
               * f7
               * f8
               * f9
               * f10
               * f11
               * f12
               * next
               * prev
               * home
               * end
               * insert
               * delete
               * backspace

       Note that lambda-term accept only ascii characters in the configuration file, to use other
       unicode  character  you  must  use  the  notation U+<code> where <code> is the code of the
       character in hexadecimal.





       C-e: play-macro


       C-left: complete-bar-prev

       C-right: complete-bar-next


       Jérémie Dimino <>



                                           August 2011                     LAMBDA-TERM-INPUTRC(5)