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       ledmon.conf - Configuration file for Intel(R) Enclosure LED Utilities.


       The ledmon configuration file allows you to use advanced settings and functions of
       Intel(R) Enclosure LED Utilities. The global location of the configuration file is
       /etc/ledmon.conf. Instead of a global configuration file, you can specify a local config
       file using the -c option when running ledmon.

       One line should keep exactly one option and value in the configuration file in format:
       OPTION=VALUE. Any word that begins with a hash sign (#) starts a comment and that word
       together with the remainder of the line is ignored. Empty lines are allowed. Either single
       quotes (') or double quotes (") should not be used.

       Values are considered as truth: enabled, true, yes, 1.

       Values are considered as false: disabled, false, no, 0.

       See also the examples section.

   List of configurable options:
       BLACKLIST - Ledmon will exclude scanning controllers listed on blacklist.  When whitelist
       is also set in config file, the blacklist will be ignored.  The controllers should be
       separated by comma (,) character.

       BLINK_ON_INIT - Related with RAID Initialization (resync), Verify (check) and Verify and
       Fix (repair) processes. If value is set to true - status LEDs of all member drives will
       blink with proper pattern if RAID volume is under sync process. If value is set to false,
       processes like init or verifications will not be reported by LEDs. The default value is

       BLINK_ON_MIGR - RAID can be migrated between some levels or strip sizes and the flag is
       related with this processes. Also RAID Grow operation will be reported along with this
       flag. If value is set to true - status LEDs of all member drives will blink with proper
       pattern if RAID volume is under reshape.  If value is set to false, listed actions will
       not be reported by LEDs. The default value is true.

       INTERVAL - The value is given in seconds. Defines time interval between ledmon sysfs scan.
       The minimum is 5 seconds the maximum is not specified. The default value is 10 seconds.

       LOG_LEVEL - Corresponds with --log-level flag from ledmon. Log level QUIET means no
       logging at all and ALL means to log everything. The default log level is WARNING.
       Acceptable values are: quiet, error, warning, info, debug, all.  Value also can be set by
       integer number - 0 means 'quiet' and 5 means 'all'.

       LOG_PATH - Sets a path to local log file. If this option is specified the global log file
       /var/log/ledmon.log is not used.

       RAID_MEMBERS_ONLY - If flag is set to true ledmon will limit monitoring only to drives
       that are RAID members. The default value is false.

       REBUILD_BLINK_ON_ALL - Flag is related with RAID rebuild process. When value is set to
       false - only the drive that the RAID is rebuilding to will be marked with appropriate LED
       pattern. If value is set to true all drives from RAID that is during rebuild will blink
       during this operation.

       WHITELIST - Ledmon will limit changing LED state to controllers listed on whitelist. If
       any whitelist is set, only devices from list will be scanned by ledmon. The controllers
       should be separated by comma (,) character.


   Excluding one controller from ledmon scans, changing log level and scans interval:


       #Exclude disks from SATA controller


   Blink only on RAID members, blink on all disks during rebuild and ignore init phase:




       Copyright (c) 2009-2017 Intel Corporation.

       This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published
       by the Free Software Foundation. See the built-in help for details on the License and the
       lack of warranty.


       ledmon(8), ledctl(8)


       This manual page was written by Michal Zylowski <>. It may be
       used by others.