Provided by: lintian-brush_0.129_all bug


       debian/lintian-brush.conf - per-package configuration for lintian-brush


       A  lintian-brush  per-package  configuration  file  that  contains  of  a series of single
       key/value pairs. The configuration file should be placed in the package at debian/lintian-

       The  hash sign “#” is used as a comment character. Any text after the comment character to
       the end of the line is ignored.


       The following variables are currently supported:

       compat-release = RELEASE

              compat-release specifies the oldest release that the package aims to be  compatible
              with. lintian-brush will not make any changes that require packages or features not
              present in this release.

              Supported values are Debian and Ubuntu code names as well  as  aliases  ("testing",
              "experimental", "stable", "unstable"). Version numbers are currently not supported.

              The default compat release is "stable".

       allow-reformatting = True|False

              If  allow-reformatting  is enabled, lintian-brush will make changes to debian files
              in a way that does not necessarily preserve existing formatting.

              If  disabled,  lintian-brush  will  not  run  any  fixers  that  can  not  preserve

       update-changelog = True|False

              The  update-changelog setting determines whether new lines in the changelog will be
              added for the changes that lintian-brush has made to the package.

              By default, lintian-brush will automatically (using some basic heuristics, such  as
              checking  for the presence of a [dch] section in debian/gbp.conf) determine whether
              the changelog should be updated.

              You may want to set this to False if you are  using  "gbp  dch"  to  generate  your
              changelog entries.


       lintian-brush(1), lintian(1)


       Jelmer Vernooij <>