Provided by: lirc_0.10.1-7_amd64 bug


       lircrc - application-specific remotes signals configuration


       lircrc  is  the last LIRC configuration point in the flow of events from the kernel to the
       application. It provides a way to translate the application-agnostic  events  which  lircd
       makes  available  on /var/run/lirc/lircd to application-specific strings.  The translation
       is invoked by LIRC-aware applications by using the the  lirc_code2char()  routine  in  the
       lirc_client library.

       The lircrc event mapping is not only mapping from a remote event to an application string.
       It also supports a variety of  functionality  such  as  repeat  suppression,  modes,  long
       keypresses and button sequences.

       The   default   location  for  lircrc  is  ~/.config/lircrc  with  a  global  fallback  in
       /etc/lirc/lircrc. Many applications  which  uses  the  lircrc  translations  have  private
       locations for the file.

       The  programmatic  interface  to  the  lircrc functionality is described in the Client API
       manual, see below

       The file format is described in the configuration manual, see below.

           Description of the lircrc file format.
           Client API, the programmatic interface to the lircrc files.