Provided by: dbeacon_0.4.0-2build1_amd64 bug


       matrix.conf - configuration file


       matrix.conf  is  the  setup  configuration  file  for if you want to add an html
       frontend to dbeacon's dumped xml file. Configuration variable are perl variables, used  to
       dynamically modify the behavior of


       $dumpfile = string;
              Required variable. The path to dbeacon's xml dump file.

       $historydir = string;
              This  is  where  the  history round robin database (rrd) will be stored. Be sure to
              have enough place to store it (about 30Mb per tuple (source/destination)).

       $verbose = integer;
              Set it to 1 if you want a verbose output of the xml file parsing.

       $title = string;
              The title of the generated html page. It can be anything as long as it respect  the
              html syntax.

       $page_title = string;
              The  page  title of the generated html page, that is the title which appears in the
              titlebar of your browser.

       $default_hideinfo = integer;
              Whether you want or not to display the IPv4/IPv6 source info on  the  web  page  by

       $default_what = string;
              The default matrix view on the html page, different view are 'asmorssm',

       $history_enabled = integer;
              Whether  you  want  or  not to enable rrd history logging. This option requires the
              RRDs perl module (lib-perl-rrds) in Debian.

       $css_file = string;
              Specify a CSS file to be used instead of the embedded default.

       $dump_update_delay = integer;
              The delay between each dbeacon xml dump. This is used to detect out of date data.

       $flag_url_format = string;
              A format that specifies the base URL to be used for displaying flags.

       $default_ssm_group = string;
              The default SSM joining channel used by dbeacon.

       $debug = integer;
              Used for debugging.

       $matrix_link_title = integer;
              Displays a tooltip for each matrix cell that shows the current row/column crossing.
              This option is only available when $history_enabled is 1.

       $default_full_matrix  = integer;
              Whether you want to have a condensed or a full view of the matrix by default.

       $faq_page = string;
              The base URL for the Frequently Asked Questions page.


       Should be reported to the core developer Hugo Santos <>.


       matrix.conf  is  the configuration file from and is a joint work of Hugo Santos,
       Sebastien Chaumontet and Mickael Hoerdt. It has been done in the early days of the m6bone,
       when  nobody  knew  if the SPTs or RPTs were being used between hosts and also to evaluate
       the performance and deployment of SSM.

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