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       mdbFontSize - Font Size


       In some case, a font contains incorrect information about its size (typically in the case
       of a hacked TrueType font), which results in a bad text layout when such a font is used in
       combination with the other fonts. To overcome this problem, the m17n library loads
       information about font-size adjustment from the m17n database by the tags <font, resize>.
       The data is loaded as a plist of this format.



       FONT-SPEC ::=
           '(' [ FOUNDRY FAMILY
              [ WEIGHT [ STYLE [ STRETCH [ ADSTYLE ]]]]]
            REGISTRY ')'


       FONT-SPEC is to specify properties of a font. FOUNDRY to REGISTRY are symbols
       corresponding to Mfoundry to Mregistry property of a font. See m17nFont for the meaning of
       each property.

       ADJUST-RATIO is an integer number specifying by percentage how much the font-size must be
       adjusted. For instance, this PER-FONT:

           ((devanagari-cdac) 150)

       instructs the font handler of the m17n library to open a font of 1.5 times bigger than a
       requested size on opening a font whose registry is 'devanagari-cdac'.


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