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     mdnsd.service — mdnsd service configuration file




     mdnsd needs at least one .service file to actively announce itself.  The systems that mdnsd
     targets usually have an SSH or HTTP/HTTPS service, which can be located by end-users with
     mDNS-SD.   E.g., mdnsd may be embedded in your printer, an access point, an industrial
     switch, or other headless network connected device.

     Services are defined one per .service file and only two fields are mandatory:

     type TYPE
           The TYPE can be any service type from /etc/services, prefixed with an underscore.
           E.g., 'ipp' is port 631/tcp, which gives the type _ipp._tcp

     port PORT
           The port is the UDP or TCP port to announce.  This can also be found in the file

     There are also a few optional fields supported, see below for examples:

     name STRING
           Free form string to describe service.  Usually what is presented to end users by
           discovery agents.

     txt STRING
           Text records are free-form strings that are included in service announcements.  Useful
           for announcing meta data about your service.

     target URL
           URL to announce as canonical for this service.

     cname URL
           A cname is an alias that can be announced for unique service reqords.  E.g., if only
           one HTTP service is available on the LAN it can be reached through the full name, or
           using the cname alias.


     This section has some examples of mDNS service definitions.

           # mDNS-SD advertisement of SSH service
           type _ssh._tcp
           port 22

           # mDNS-SD advertisement of FTP service
           name Troglobit FTP Server
           type _ftp._tcp
           port 21
           txt server=uftpd
           txt version=2.6
           target ftp.luthien.local

           # mDNS-SD advertisement of HTTP service
           type _http._tcp
           port 80
           txt server=merecat
           txt version=2.31
           cname home.local

           # mDNS-SD advertisement of foo._printer._tcp.local.
           type _printer._tcp
           port 515

           # mDNS-SD advertisement of foo._ipp._tcp.local.
           type _ipp._tcp
           port 631


     /etc/services  List of standard service definitions in UNIX


     mquery(1), mdnsd(8)


     This mDNS-SD implementation was initially developed by Jeremie Miller <> in
     2003.  Much later
     Joachim Wiberg <> adopted it for further development and maintenance
     mdnsd.service at GitHub: