Provided by: inn_1.7.2q-46build3_amd64 bug


       nntpsend.ctl - list of sites to feed via nntpsend


       The  file  /etc/news/nntpsend.ctl  specifies  the  default  list  of  sites  to  be fed by

       Comments begin with a number sign (``#'') and continue through the end of the line.  Blank
       lines  and  comments are ignored.  All other lines should consist of four fields separated
       by a colon.

       The first field is the name of the site as specified in the newsfeeds(5) file.

       The second field should be the hostname or IP address of the remote site.

       The third field, if non-empty, specifies  the  default  tail  truncation  size  of  site's
       batchfile.   If  this field is empty, no truncation is performed.  If this field is of the
       form ``maxsize-truncsize'' then it is passed to shrinkfile as ``-m maxsize -s truncsize'',
       otherwise is of the form ``truncsize'' then it is passed as ``-s truncsize''.

       The  fourth  field  specifies some default flags passed to innxmit(8).  The flag ``-a'' is
       always given to innxmit and need not appear hear.  If no ``-t timeout'' flag is  given  in
       this field and on the nntpsend command line, ``-t 180'' will be given to innxmit.


       Written  by  Landon  Curt  Noll <> for InterNetNews.  This is revision 1.7,
       dated 1996/09/13.


       innxmit(8), newsfeeds(5), nntpsend(8), trunc(1).