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       npm-shrinkwrap.json - A publishable lockfile

       npm-shrinkwrap.json  is  a  file  created  by  npm help npm shrinkwrap. It is identical to
       package-lock.json, with one major caveat:  Unlike  package-lock.json,  npm-shrinkwrap.json
       may be included when publishing a package.

       The  recommended  use-case  for  npm-shrinkwrap.json  is applications deployed through the
       publishing process on the registry: for example, daemons and command-line  tools  intended
       as  global  installs  or devDependencies. It's strongly discouraged for library authors to
       publish this file, since that would prevent end users from having control over  transitive
       dependency updates.

       If  both  package-lock.json  and  npm-shrinkwrap.json  are  present  in  a  package  root,
       npm-shrinkwrap.json will be preferred over the package-lock.json file.

       For full details and description of the npm-shrinkwrap.json  file  format,  refer  to  the
       manual page for npm help package-lock.json.

   See also
       • npm help shrinkwrap

       • npm help package-lock.json

       • npm help package.json

       • npm help install

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