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       /etc/odbcinst.ini - unixODBC driver configuration file


       /etc/odbcinst.ini is a configuration file for unixODBC drivers.

       The file can be updated by using the  odbcinst utility (recommended) or edited by hand.


       The general .ini file format is:

              key1 = value1
              key2 = value2

              key1 = value1
              key2 = value2

       Each ODBC driver has its own section and can be referred to by the name of that section in
       files such as odbc.ini. Within  each  section,  unixODBC  also  recognises  the  following
       configuration keys:

              A text string briefly describing the driver.

       Driver A filesystem path to the actual driver library.

       Setup  A filesystem path to the driver setup library.

              The  section  named [ODBC] configures global options. Keys recognised in the [ODBC]
              section include:

              Trace  Enable ODBC driver trace output, which is written to the file path specified
                     by TraceFile.

                     Some  ODBC  drivers  have  their own trace control options. Unlike the Trace
                     option, these separate options are usually specified at the Data Source Name
                     (DSN) level.

                     Trace  will  be enabled if the corresponding value contains any case variant
                     of "1", "y", "yes" or "on".

                     Specifies the system path or path-pattern to which ODBC driver trace  output
                     will  be  written.  This  option  has no effect unless Trace is enabled. The
                     default file location for trace output is /tmp/sql.log.

                     WARNING: Setting TraceFile to a path writable by multiple  users  might  not
                     work  correctly,  as only the first user will be able to create and open the


       Many ODBC drivers come with .ini file templates, which  can  be  installed  by  using  the
       odbcinst utility.

       Template files use the same format as odbcinst.ini.


       To install the unixODBC PostgreSQL driver, the following configuration can be entered into

              Description = PostgreSQL driver for GNU/Linux
              Driver      = /usr/lib/
              Setup       = /usr/lib/
              FileUsage   = 1

       Driver paths can vary, depending on your operating system and whether your distribution is
       multi-arch enabled. Some drivers also require Driver64 and Setup64 entries.

       The above section can be referenced in odbc.ini as follows:

              Driver = PostgreSQL

       The  recommended  way  of  adding  the  PostgreSQL  driver to your system is by creating a
       template file containing:

              Description = PostgreSQL driver for GNU/Linux
              Driver      = /usr/lib/
              Setup       = /usr/lib/

       and calling odbcinst as follows:

              # odbcinst -i -d -f template.ini


       unixODBC(7), odbcinst(1), odbc.ini(5)

       "The unixODBC Administrator Manual (HTML)"


       The authors of unixODBC  are  Peter  Harvey  <>  and  Nick  Gorham

       For a full list of contributors, refer to the AUTHORS file.


       unixODBC  is  licensed  under the GNU Lesser General Public License. For details about the
       license, see the COPYING file.