Provided by: oidentd_2.5.0-1_amd64 bug


       oidentd_masq.conf - oidentd NAT configuration file


       If NAT support is enabled with the --masquerade option, oidentd reads the
       /usr/local/etc/oidentd_masq.conf file to determine ident responses to queries intended for
       other machines. It is also possible to forward queries to ident servers on the hosts
       connecting through the machine oidentd runs on. For more information on forwarding, please
       see the --forward option in oidentd(8).

       The NAT configuration file contains one rule per line. Lines are read from top to bottom,
       and only the first matching rule is used. Lines starting with a number sign ("#") are


       Rules must have the following form:

           host[/mask] response system-type

       The host field specifies the hostname or IP address of the host that owns the connection
       for which an ident query was received. This host must be connecting through the machine
       oidentd runs on. The host may be specified as either an IP address or a hostname.

       If a network mask is specified using the mask field, the rule applies to all hosts in the
       given subnetwork. Network masks may be specified in dot notation (e.g., "")
       or in CIDR notation (e.g., "18").

       The response field specifies the response to be sent when receiving a query for the
       specified host or subnetwork.

       The system-type field specifies the operating system to send alongside the ident response.
       See the --other option in oidentd(8) for more information.


           # host[/mask]           response  system-type
                 user1     UNIX
           server.internal         user2     UNIX-BSD
              user3     UNIX
     user4     UNKNOWN

       Note that the order of the rules is significant in this example. Due to lines being read
       from top to bottom, more specific rules must precede more general ones. For example, the
       rule for "" would not match any connections if it were preceded by the more
       general "".


       Janik Rabe <>

       Originally written by Ryan McCabe.


       Please report any bugs to Janik Rabe <>.


       oidentd(8) oidentd.conf(5)