Provided by: libpaper1_1.1.28build2_amd64 bug


       papersize - specify preferred paper size




       The  papersize  file  is  used  to  specify  the  preferred paper size to use by available
       commands and programs generating documents.

       The format of this file is extremely simple: whitespace and anything starting with `#'  is
       ignored,  and the name of the paper is the first string found; the case in the name of the
       paper does not import (see CAVEATS section however).


       The following names are commonly understood by programs: a3, a4, a5,  b5,  letter,  legal,
       executive, note and 11x17.

       Additional  paper  names  that one may encounter are: a0, a1, a2, a6, a7, a8, a9, a10, b0,
       b1, b2, b3, b4,  tabloid,  statement,  note,  halfletter,  halfexecutive,  folio,  quarto,
       ledger, archA, archB, archC, archD, archE, flsa, flse, csheet, dsheet, esheet and 10x14.

       The  value  of  the  papersize file can be overrideen by looking in order at the PAPERSIZE
       environment variable, then at  the  contents  of  the  file  specified  by  the  PAPERCONF
       environment  variable.   If  the  papersize  file does not exist, programs using the paper
       library default to using letter as a fall-back value


       This manual page documents the format of the papersize file that is read by  the  libpaper
       library.   Some  programs  that  read  this  file  do not yet use the library and may have
       trouble ignoring whitespace and comments in the file; they may also require that the paper
       names use a specific capitalization.


       Yves Arrouye <>