Provided by: pcp_5.3.7-1_amd64 bug


       pcp.env - script to set Performance Co-Pilot run-time environment variables




       The pcp.env script is sourced by assorted Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) scripts and utilities
       to define the PCP operating environment variables.  The conjugate for executable  programs
       using the PCP libraries is the __pmGetConfig(3) function.

       Typical usage of pcp.env in a script is as follows :

                #! /bin/sh

                # source the PCP environment variables
                . /etc/pcp.env
                rest of script ...

       The  full  syntax  and  semantics  of the pcp.conf file and the __pmGetConfig function are
       described in their respective reference pages.

       If the file $HOME/.pcp/pcp.conf exists then this will be processed after  the  system-wide
       pcp.conf file.  This provides a mechanism to selectively modify or augment the environment
       settings for PCP scripts, which maybe useful if the scripts are  run  with  sudo(1)  which
       cleans  the  environment  of  important  settings  that are required to ensure the correct
       execution of the PCP scripts, e.g.  $PATH or $PERL5LIB.


       The PCP_CONF environment variable specifies an alternative path to the pcp.conf file.


       PCPIntro(1), sudo(1), PCPIntro(3), PMAPI(3), __pmGetConfig(3) and pcp.conf(5).