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       plowshare.conf - Configuration file for Plowshare


       Plowshare  (plowdown,  plowup,  plowdel,  plowlist or plowprobe) uses a configuration file
       called plowshare.conf for its initial setup. This configuration file is  searched  for  in
       the following places when plowshare is started:


       Instead  of  specifying  long  command lines with user's preferences (credentials, network
       settings or download retry number, ...), it is convenient to make them default.

       Note: Usage of configuration file can  be  disabled  using  --no-plowsharerc  command-line
       option.  There  is  also  --plowsharerc=FILE  option to specify an alternate configuration


       plowshare.conf file uses an INI-style format. It is composed of six sections which may  be
       present in any order. Each section may contain lines of the form:

               token = value
               token = value
               token = value
               token = value
               token = value
               token = value

           # this is a comment


       • Sections are unordered.

       • Blank  lines  or lines beginning with a hash character ('#') are treated as comments and

       • Whitespace before and after a token or value is ignored (although a  value  can  contain
         whitespace within).

       • Double quoting value is optional. Use them to preserve leading and trailing whitespace.

       Valid  tokens  are  always  lowercase.   Names  are  long-option command-line arguments of
       plowshare. For example: temp-directory for plowdown.   For  modules  options,  tokens  are
       prepended by module name and a slash character. For example: rapidgator/auth (short-option
       are also possible here).

       For values, no backslash interpretation is  made.  "\t"  is  a  regular  string  with  two
       characters, it is not a tab character.

       Options  in  general section prevail over Plow* section. Options given on the command line
       prevail over configuration file options.


       ### Plowshare configuration file

       interface = eth1
       rapidshare/a = matt:4deadbeef
       rapidgator/a = "matt:4 dead beef "


       printf=Download URL: %u%nDelete   URL: %d%n
       uploadmemodule/auth-free =!
       uploadmemodule/folder = incoming

       verbose = 3


       Plowshare was initially written by Arnau Sanchez. See the AUTHORS file for a list of  some
       of the many other contributors.

       Plowshare is (C) 2010-2016 The Plowshare Team


       plowdown(1), plowup(1), plowdel(1), plowlist(1), plowprobe(1), plowmod(1).