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       sane-canon_lide70 - SANE backend for the Canon LiDE 70 and 600(F) USB flatbed scanners


       The canon_lide70 library implements a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) backend that provides
       access to the Canon Inc. CanoScan LiDE 70 and 600(F) flatbed scanners. The  film  unit  of
       the LiDE 600F is not supported.

       Due to Canon's unwillingness to provide scanner documentation, this software was developed
       by analyzing the USB traffic of  the  Windows  XP  driver.  The  precise  meaning  of  the
       individual  commands  that are sent to the scanner is known only to a very limited extent.
       Some sophistication present in the Windows XP driver has been  left  out.  There  is,  for
       example, no active calibration.

       Testers  and  reviewers  are welcome. Send your bug reports and comments to the sane-devel
       mailing list <>.


       The /etc/sane.d/canon_lide70.conf file identifies the LiDE 70 by its  vendor  code  0x04a9
       and its product code 0x2225. For the LiDE 600(f) the product code is 0x2224.


       Scan Mode:

       --resolution 75|150|300|600|1200 [default 600]
              Sets  the resolution of the scanned image in dots per inch. Scanning at 1200 dpi is
              not available on the LiDE 600(F) and it is very slow on the LiDE 70.

       --mode Color|Gray|Lineart [default: Color]
              Selects the scan mode. Lineart means fully black and fully white pixels only.

       --threshold 0..100 (in steps of 1) [default 75]
              Select minimum-brightness percentage to  get  a  white  point,  relevant  only  for

       --non-blocking[=(yes|no)] [inactive]
              This  option  has  not yet been implemented. Scans are captured in a temporary file
              with a typical size of 100MB.


       -l 0..216.069 [default 0]
              Top-left x position of scan area in millimeters.

       -t 0..297 [default 0]
              Top-left y position of scan area in millimeters.

       -x 0..216.069 [default 80]
              Width of scan-area in millimeters.

       -y 0..297 [default 100]
              Height of scan-area in millimeters.


              The backend configuration file

              The static library implementing this backend.

              The shared library implementing this  backend  (present  on  systems  that  support
              dynamic loading).


              If  the  library was compiled with debug support enabled, this environment variable
              controls the debug level for  this  backend.   Higher  debug  levels  increase  the
              verbosity of the output.

              SANE_DEBUG_CANON_LIDE70=128 scanimage > /dev/null


       At  low  resolutions  (75 and 150 dpi, implying high slider speeds) the LiDE 70 misses the
       top one millimeter of the scan area. This can be remedied by  shifting  the  document  one
       millimeter downward, in cases where such precision matters. Note that xsane(1) uses the 75
       dpi mode for prescans. The problem is worse on the LiDE 600(F), where the offset  is  five


       sane(7), sane-usb(5), sane-find-scanner(1), scanimage(1), xsane(1),


       pimvantend, building upon pioneering work by Juergen Ernst.

                                           22 Aug 2020                       sane-canon_lide70(5)