Provided by: gridengine-common_8.1.9+dfsg-10build1_all bug


       host_aliases - Grid Engine host aliases file format


       All  Grid Engine components use a hostname resolving service provided by the communication
       library to identify  hosts  via  a  unique  hostname.  The  communication  library  itself
       references  standard  UNIX  directory  services such as DNS, NIS and /etc/hosts to resolve
       hostnames (through the Name Service Switch on systems which support it).  In  some  cases,
       typically  clusters  with  hosts  on  multiple networks, these standard services cannot be
       setup cleanly, and Grid Engine daemons running on different hosts are unable to  determine
       automatically  a  unique  hostname for one or all hosts which can be used on all hosts. In
       such situations a Grid Engine host aliases file can be used to provide the daemons with  a
       private and consistent hostname resolution database.

       The location for the host aliases file is <sge_root>/<cell>/common/host_aliases.


       For each host a single line must be provided with a blank-, comma-, or semicolon-separated
       list of hostname aliases. The first alias is defined to be the unique hostname which  will
       be  used  by  all  Grid  Engine  components  using  the  hostname  aliasing service of the
       communication library.


       sge_intro(1), nsswitch.conf(5).


       See sge_intro(1) for a full statement of rights and permissions.