Provided by: shorewall_5.2.3.4-1_all bug


       tcpri - Shorewall file




       This file is used to specify the priority of traffic for simple traffic shaping
       (TC_ENABLED=Simple in shorewall.conf[1](5)). The priority band of each packet is
       determined by the last entry that the packet matches. If a packet doesn't match any entry
       in this file, then its priority will be determined by its TOS field. The default mapping
       is as follows but can be changed by setting the TC_PRIOMAP option in shorewall.conf[1](5).

           TOS     Bits  Means                    Linux Priority    BAND
           0x0     0     Normal Service           0 Best Effort     2
           0x2     1     Minimize Monetary Cost   1 Filler          3
           0x4     2     Maximize Reliability     0 Best Effort     2
           0x6     3     mmc+mr                   0 Best Effort     2
           0x8     4     Maximize Throughput      2 Bulk            3
           0xa     5     mmc+mt                   2 Bulk            3
           0xc     6     mr+mt                    2 Bulk            3
           0xe     7     mmc+mr+mt                2 Bulk            3
           0x10    8     Minimize Delay           6 Interactive     1
           0x12    9     mmc+md                   6 Interactive     1
           0x14    10    mr+md                    6 Interactive     1
           0x16    11    mmc+mr+md                6 Interactive     1
           0x18    12    mt+md                    4 Int. Bulk       2
           0x1a    13    mmc+mt+md                4 Int. Bulk       2
           0x1c    14    mr+mt+md                 4 Int. Bulk       2
           0x1e    15    mmc+mr+mt+md             4 Int. Bulk       2

       The columns in the file are as follows.

       BAND - {1|2|3}
           Classifies matching traffic as High Priority (1), Medium Priority (2) or Low Priority
           (3). For those interfaces listed in shorewall-tcinterfaces[2](5), Priority 2 traffic
           will be deferred so long and there is Priority 1 traffic queued and Priority 3 traffic
           will be deferred so long as there is Priority 1 or Priority 2 traffic to send.

       PROTO - protocol[,...]
           Optional. The name or number of an IPv4 protocol.

           Beginning with Shorewall 4.5.12, this column can accept a comma-separated list of

       PORT(S) - port [,...]
           Optional. May only be given if the the PROTO is TCP (6), UDP (17), DCCP (33), SCTP
           (132) or UDPLITE (136). A list of one or more port numbers or service names from
           /etc/services. Port ranges of the form lowport:highport may also be included.

       ADDRESS - [address]
           Optional. The IP or MAC address that the traffic originated from. MAC addresses must
           be given in Shorewall format. If this column contains an address, then the PROTO,
           PORT(S) and INTERFACE column must be empty ("-").

       INTERFACE - [interface]
           Optional. The logical name of an interface that traffic arrives from. If given, the
           PROTO, PORT(S) and ADDRESS columns must be empty ("-").

               INTERFACE classification of packets occurs before classification by
               PROTO/PORT(S)/ADDRESS. So it is highly recommended to place entries that specify
               INTERFACE at the top of the file so that the rule about last entry matches is

       HELPER - [helper]
           Optional. Names a Netfilter protocol helper module such as ftp, sip, amanda, etc. A
           packet will match if it was accepted by the named helper module. You can also append
           "-" and a port number to the helper module name (e.g., ftp-21) to specify the port
           number that the original connection was made on.





       prio(8), shorewall(8)


        1. shorewall.conf

        2. shorewall-tcinterfaces