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       srec_os65v - OS65V Loader file format


       This  format is used by Ohio Scientific OS65V‐compatible loaders.  This family of machines
       includes the OSI C1P, Superboard II, C2, C4, C8, and Challenger III, as well as the UK101,
       and Elektor Junior.

       The  file  startes with a period '.' (0x2E), to ensure address entry mode.  then a 4‐digit
       hex address, followed by a slash '/' (0X2F) to enter the data  entry  mode.   The  initial
       address is always present.  There is no need for an additional address record unless there
       are gaps.

       Each data byte is represented as 2 hexadecimal characters, and is separated by a  carriage
       return character (0x0D) (advance address).  The final return character may be omitted.

       The data is concluded with a period '.' (0x2E) to re‐enter address mode.  If an address to
       start execution is specified, then the last 5 bytes are nnnnG where nnnn  is  the  4‐digit
       execution address, and G is the 'Go' command.

   Size Multiplier
       In  general,  binary data will expand in sized by approximately 3.0 times when represented
       with this format.


       Here is an example ascii‐hex file.  It contains the data “Hello, World[rq] to be loaded at
       address  0x1000,  with  execution  at 0x1003.  (On a 6502, this is the opcode for indirect
       jump to 0x2C6F.)



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