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       srec_ti_tagged - Texas Instruments Tagged (SDSMAC) file format


       This format is also known as the TI‐Tagged or TI‐SDSMAC format.

       This  format  allows  binary  files  to  be  uploaded  and downloaded between two computer
       systems, typically between a computer system (such as a PC, Macintosh, or workstation) and
       an emulator or evaluation board for microcontrollers and microprocessors.

   The Lines
       Unlike  many  other  object  formats, the lines themselves are not especially significant.
       The format consits of a number of tagged fields, and lines are composed  of  a  series  of
       these fields.

                                  Tag   Description
                                  *     Data byte.
                                  :     End of file.
                                  0     File header (optional).
                                  7     Checksum.
                                  8     Dummy checksum (ignored).
                                  9     Address.
                                  B     Data word.
                                  F     End of data record.
                                  K     Program identifier (optional).

   Data Byte
                                              │B │ nn │


       Here is an example TI‐Tagged file.  It contains the data “Hello, World[rq] to be loaded at
       address 0x0100.
       and here is another example from the reference below
              00050        7FDD4F

SEE ALSO‐0014‐016.pdf (page 6‐33)


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