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       srec_wilson - wilson file format


       This  is  a  mystery  format,  added  to support a mysery EPROM loader used by Alan Wilson

       If you know the true name of this format, please let  me  know!   It  bears  a  remarkable
       similarity  to  the  Motorola  S‐Record  format,  however  I  can  find  no reference to a
       "compressed" Motorola format.

   The Lines
       Each line contains normal ASCII characters, and “high bit on[rq] characters, but the ASCII
       control  characters  are avoided (the high‐bit‐on con characters are not avoided).  Normal
       line termination characters (CRLF or LF, depending on your system) are used.

       The presence of high‐bit‐on characters makes this format unattractive to send  via  email,
       as it must be wrapped as a binary attachment, increasing its size.

       In  general,  a single byte per byte is used to encode values, however some values use two
       bytes, according to the following table:

                                  Byte Value    Encoding (1 or 2 chars)
                                 0x00 .. 0x9F        0x40 .. 0xDF
                                 0xA0 .. 0xAF   0x3A 0x30 .. 0x3A 0x3F
                                 0xB0 .. 0xBF   0x3B 0x30 .. 0x3B 0x3F
                                 0xC0 .. 0xCF   0x3C 0x30 .. 0x3C 0x3F
                                 0xD0 .. 0xDF   0x3D 0x30 .. 0x3D 0x3F
                                 oxE0 .. 0xFF        0xE0 .. 0xFF
       The rest of this description, when refering to “bytes[rq] means byte values encoded  using
       the above table.

   The Fields
       Each  line  consists  of  5 fields. These are the type field, length field, address field,
       data field, and the checksum.

                           │Type │ Record Length │ Address │ Data │ Checksum │
       Type    The type field is a 1 character field that specifies whether the  record  is  data
               (0x43), or termination (0x47).

       Record Length
               The  record  length  field is a 1 byte field that specifies the number of bytes in
               the record, excluding the type and record length fields.

       Address This is a 4‐byte address that specifies where  the  data  is  to  be  loaded  into

       Data    The  data  field contains the executable code, memory‐loadable data or descriptive
               information to be transferred.

               The checksum is an 1‐byte field that represents the least significant byte of  the
               one's  complement  of the sum of the values represented by the bytes making up the
               length, address, and data fields.

   Record Types
       0x43 (#)
               A record containing data and the 4‐byte address at which the data is to reside.

       0x47 (')
               A termination record.  The address field may contain the  4‐byte  address  of  the
               instruction to which control is passed.  There is no data field.

   Size Multiplier
       In  general,  binary data will expand in sized by approximately 1.5 times when represented
       with this format.


       srec_cat version 1.64
       Copyright (C) 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004,  2005,  2006,  2007,  2008,  2009,
       2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Peter Miller

       The  srec_cat  program  comes  with  ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details use the 'srec_cat
       -VERSion License' command.  This is free software and you are welcome to  redistribute  it
       under certain conditions; for details use the 'srec_cat -VERSion License' command.


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