Provided by: swayimg_1.8-1_amd64 bug


       swayimgrc - Swayimg configuration file




   General format description
       The Swayimg configuration file is a text-based INI file used to override the default

       The basic element contained in the INI file is the key or property.  Every key has a name
       and a value, delimited by an equals sign (=).  The name appears to the left of the equals
       sign. The value can contain any character. Kay and values are case sensitive.

       The number sign (#) at the beginning of the line indicates a comment.  Empty lines and
       comments are ignored.

       scale: initial image scale:
              optimal: 100% or less to fit to window (default);
              fit: fit to window;
              real: real size (100%);

       fullscreen: start in full screen mode, yes or [no];

       background: background for transparent images:
              none: transparent;
              grid: show grid as background (default);
              #XXXXXX: hexadecimal RGB color.

       window: window background:
              none: transparent (default);
              #XXXXXX: hexadecimal RGB color.

       info: show image meta information: format, size, EXIF, and current scale, yes or [no];

       font: font name used for printing image meta info, default is monospace;

       font-size: font size (in pt) used to render image info text, default is 14;

       font-color: color used to render text, RGB hex format, default is #ff00ff;

       order: order of the image list:
              none: unsorted;
              alpha: sort alphabetically (default);
              random: randomize list.

       recursive: read directories recursively, yes or [no];

       all: allways open all files in the same directory, yes or [no];

       app_id: set a constant window class/app_id, setting this may break the window layout;

       sway: enable or disable integration with Sway WM (window position management), [yes] or no.


       # comment
       scale = fit
       fullscreen = no
       background = none
       window = #112233
       info = yes
       font = monospace 14
       font-color = #b4b3b2
       sway = no




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