Provided by: tart_3.10-1build1_amd64 bug


       tartdates - Special date configuration for LinuxTaRT


       LinuxTaRT  uses  a  configuration file called specialdates to enable the user to display a
       specific tagline on certain special dates. The name and location of this file is specified
       in the LinuxTaRT configuration file ~/.tartrc, but is usually:



       Each  line of the special date file consists of a day of the year expressed as a two digit
       month, a forward-slash (/), a two digit date, a colon (:) and a line of text.

       mm/dd:tagline text

       Any line that does not conform to  this  specification  will  be  treated  as  a  comment.
       Comments  may  also be specified by prefixing text with a # symbol. Using this method, you
       can place a comment behind a date line.


       01/01:Happy New Year!!

       Will use "Happy New Year!!" as the tagline when the date is January 1st.

       12/25:Merry Christmas to all!

       Displays "Merry Christmas to all!" as your tagline on Christmas day.




       tart(1) tartrc(5) tart-custom(5)