Provided by: lomiri-thumbnailer-service_3.0.0-2_amd64 bug


       thumbnailer-settings - Configuration settings for thumbnailer-service(1).


       The thumbnailer-service program uses dconf(7) for its configuration.  Configuration values
       are read once only, on start-up of the service.

       The following settings are used:

       dash-ubuntu-com-key (string)
              The API key for the remote artwork service.

       full-size-cache-size (int)
              The size (in megabytes) of the image  cache  that  stores  original  artwork.   The
              default is 50 MB.

       thumbnail-size-cache-size (int)
              The  size (in megabytes) of the thumbnail cache that stores scaled thumbnails.  The
              default is 100 MB.

       thumbnail-size-cache-size (int)
              The size (in megabytes) of the failure cache  that  stores  media  keys  for  media
              without an image.  The default is 2 MB.

       max-thumbnail-size (int)
              Requests for thumbnails larger than this will automatically reduce the thumbnail to
              max-thumbnail-size (in pixels) in the larger  dimension.  Requests  for  thumbnails
              with  size zero are interpreted as requests for max-thumbnail-size.  The default is
              1920 pixels.

       retry-not-found-hours (int)
              If artwork cannot be retrieved because the remote server authoritatively  confirmed
              that  no artwork exists for an artist or album, this parameter defines how long (in
              hours) the thumbnailer waits before trying to download the same image  again.   The
              default is 168 hours (one week).

       retry-error-hours (int)
              If  artwork  cannot  be retrieved from the remote server due to an unexpected error
              (such as the server not responding), the thumbnailer does not  attempt  to  contact
              the  server  again  for  some  period,  using  exponential  backoff  if the failure
              persists. This parameter defines the maximum wait time (in hours) before trying  to
              contact the server again.  The default is two hours.  (The initial wait time is 2 *

       max-downloads (int)
              Controls the maximum number  of  concurrent  downloads  for  remote  artwork.   The
              default value is 8.

       max-extractions (int)
              Controls the maximum number of concurrent image extractions from local video files.
              The default value is zero, which sets the value according  to  the  number  of  CPU

       max-extraction-timeout (int)
              Sets  the  amount  of  time  (in  seconds) to wait for a remote image download or a
              thumbnail extraction before giving up.  The default is 10 seconds.

       max-backlog (int)
              Controls the number of DBus requests that will be sent before queueing the requests
              internally.  The default is 10.

       trace-client (bool)
              If  true, thumbnail and cancel requests are logged. Log messages are written to the
              calling application's log via qdebug().  The default value is false.

       log-level (int)
              At the default setting (1), cache misses are logged, but no  messages  are  written
              for  cache  hits.   At setting 2, cache hits are logged as well. At setting 0, most
              messages that are part of normal operation are suppressed. Errors and other unusual
              operating  conditions  are  always  logged,  regardless  of the logging level.  The
              default value is 1.  The environment variable THUMBNAILER_LOG_LEVEL overrides  this




       thumbnailer-service(1), dconf(7), gsettings(1)