Provided by: uronode_2.13-2_amd64 bug


       uronode.perms - URONode permissions file.


       URONode.perms file is read at program startup with the knowledge of users username (call),
       connection type (AX.25, NET/ROM, ROSE, TCP/IP), peers IP address  (for  TCP/IP)  and  port
       name (for AX.25). The first entry matching this information is taken and user is asked for
       password and given permissions according to it.

       The lines within uronode.perms must either be a comment line, which starts with a # in the
       first column, or a permission entry in the following format, each field being delimited by
       white space:

              username type portname password permissions

       The field descriptions are:

       username      This is matched against users username (call) without SSID. An asterisk  (*)
                     matches any username.

       type          This is matched against the type of the connection to user.  Possible values
                     for this field are:

                     *      matches any type of connection.

                     ax25   matches users coming in with AX.25 and FlexNet.

                     netrom matches users coming in with NET/ROM.

                     rose   matches users coming in with ROSE.

                     local  matches TCP/IP connections where users host is in "local" network  as
                            defined in uronode.conf(5).

                     ampr   matches   TCP/IP   connections   where   users  host  is  in  amprnet

                     inet   matches TCP/IP connections where users host  is  neither  in  "local"
                            network nor in amprnet.

                     host   matches users starting URONode from shell.

       portname      If user is coming in with AX.25 this field is matched against the local port
                     name the user is coming in via. An asterisk (*) matches any port name.

       password      If the previous three fields match and this field is not a  single  asterisk
                     (*)  the  user is asked for a password. The password is then matched against
                     this field.

       permissions   This field represents a a bitmask of operations the user is permitted to do.
                     It is a sum of the values listed here:

                     1      permits logging in even if no other permissions are given.

                     2      permits outgoing AX.25 and Flexnet connects.

                     4      permits outgoing NET/ROM connects.

                     8      permits  telneting  to  hosts  in  the  "local" network as defined in

                     16     permits telneting to hosts in amprnet.

                     32     permits telneting to hosts neither in  the  "local"  network  nor  in

                     64     ANSI  Color flag. Enable per interface to allow the user to have ANSI
                            color graphics on their terminal. A "*" for the interface  will  flag
                            color ON for all interfaces for that callsign. Suggested to leave OFF
                            unless requested by the  end  user...  but  looks  kewl  in  a  shell

                     128    permits outgoing ROSE connects.

                     256    The no-escape flag. Disables the escape mechanism for this user.




       uronode(8), uronode.conf(5), axports(5), ax25(4).