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       vomses - The VOMS server contact table





       This manual page describes the format of vomses files. vomses files contain contact
       information for VOMS servers and are typically organized in the /etc/vomses directory. A
       vomses file is a simple text file which contains one or more lines formatted as follows:

       "alias" "hostname" "port" "server DN" "vo_name"


       alias: an alias that can be used for this VOMS server (this is typically identical to the

       hostname: the hostname where the VOMS server is running

       vo_name: the name of the VO served by the VOMS server

       port: the port where the VOMS server is listening for incoming requests

       server DN: the certificate subject of the VOMS server

       System wide VOMSES configuration is maintained in the /etc/vomses file or directory. If
       /etc/vomses is a directory, all the files contained in such directory are parsed looking
       for VOMS contact information.

       A user can define its custom vomses configuration in the ~/.glite/vomses file or
       directory, which will be parsed in the same way as just described.


       The following is an example of valid vomes file for the cms VO:

           "cms" "" "15002" "/DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/" "cms"
           "cms" "" "15002" "/DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/" "cms"


       To report bugs or ask for support, use GGUS:


       Andrea Ceccanti <>

       Daniele Andreotti <>

       Valerio Venturi <>


       voms-proxy-destroy(1), voms-proxy-info(1), vomsdir(5)


       Copyright 2012 Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare

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