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       xlcpupool.cfg - XL Cpupool Configuration File Syntax




       To create a Cpupool with xl requires the provision of a cpupool config file.  Typically
       these live in `/etc/xen/CPUPOOL.cfg` where CPUPOOL is the name of the cpupool.


       A cpupool config file consists of a series of "KEY=VALUE" pairs.

       A value "VALUE" is one of:

           A string, surrounded by either single or double quotes.

           A number, in either decimal, octal (using a 0 prefix) or hexadecimal (using an "0x"

       [ VALUE, VALUE, ... ]
           A list of "VALUES" of the above types. Lists are homogeneous and are not nested.

       The semantics of each "KEY" defines which form of "VALUE" is required.


   Mandatory Configuration Items
       The following key is mandatory for any cpupool:

           Specifies the name of the cpupool.  Names of cpupools existing on a single host must
           be unique.

   Optional Configuration Items
       The following options apply to guests of any type.

           Specifies the scheduler which is used for the cpupool. Valid values for "SCHED" are:

               the credit scheduler

               the credit2 scheduler

               the RTDS scheduler

           The default scheduler is the one used for "Pool-0" specified as boot parameter of the

           Specifies the cpus of the NUMA-nodes given in "NODES" (an integer or a list of
           integers) to be member of the cpupool. The free cpus in the specified nodes are
           allocated in the new cpupool.

           Specifies the cpus that will be member of the cpupool. All the specified cpus must be
           free, or creation will fail. "CPU-LIST" may be specified as follows:

           ["2", "3", "5"]
               means that cpus 2,3,5 will be member of the cpupool.

               means that cpus 0,2,3 and 5 will be member of the cpupool. A "node:" or "nodes:"
               modifier can be used. E.g., "0,node:1,nodes:2-3,^10-13" means that pcpus 0, plus
               all the cpus of NUMA nodes 1,2,3 with the exception of cpus 10,11,12,13 will be
               members of the cpupool.

           If neither nodes nor cpus are specified only the first free cpu found will be
           allocated in the new cpupool.




       This document is a work in progress and contains items which require further documentation
       and which are generally incomplete (marked with XXX).  However all options are included
       here whether or not they are fully documented.

       Patches to improve incomplete items (or any other item) would be gratefully received on
       the mailing list. Please see
       <> for information on how
       to submit a patch to Xen.