Provided by: audispd-plugins_3.0.7-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       zos-remote.conf - the audisp-racf plugin configuration file


       zos-remote.conf  controls the configuration for the audispd-zos-remote(8) Audit dispatcher
       plugin. The default location for  this  file  is  /etc/audit/zos-remote.conf,  however,  a
       different  file  can  be specified as the first argument to the audispd-zos-remote plugin.
       See audispd-zos-remote(8) and auditd(8).  The options available are as follows:

       server This is the IBM z/OS ITDS server hostname or IP address

       port   The port number where ITDS is running on the z/OS  server.  Default  is  389  (ldap

       user   The  z/OS  RACF  user  ID  which  the audispd-zos-remote plugin will use to perform
              Remote Audit requests. This user needs  READ  access  to  FACILITY  Class  resource
              IRR.LDAP.REMOTE.AUDIT (See audispd-zos-remote(8)).

              The password associated the the z/OS user ID configured above.

              The  number in seconds that audispd-zos-remote plugin will wait before giving up in
              connection attempts and event submissions. The default value is 15

              The audispd-zos-remote plugin will queue inputted events to the maximum of  q_depth
              events while trying to submit those remotely. This can handle burst of events or in
              case of a slow network connection. However, the audispd-zos-remote plugin will drop
              events  in  case  the  queue is full. The default queue depth is 64 - Increase this
              value in case you are experiencing event drop due to full queue (audispd-zos-remote
              will log this to syslog).




       Klaus Heinrich Kiwi <>