Provided by: bsdgames_2.17-29_amd64 bug


     bcd, ppt, morse — reformat input as punch cards, paper tape or morse code


     bcd [string ...]
     ppt [-d|string ...]
     morse [-ds string ...]


     The bcd, ppt and morse commands read the given input and reformat it in the form of punched
     cards, paper tape or morse code respectively.  Acceptable input are command line arguments
     or the standard input.

     Available option:

     -s    The -s option for morse produces dots and dashes rather than words.

     -d    Decode ppt output, or morse output consisting of dots and slashes (as generated by
           using the -s option).


     ISO 1681:1973: Information processing--Unpunched paper cards--Specification.

     ISO 1682:1973: Information processing--80 columns punched paper cards--Dimensions and
     location of rectangular punched holes.

     ECMA-10: ECMA Standard for Data Interchange on Punched Tape.

     ITU-T Recommendation F.1: Operational provisions for the international public telegram
     service, Division B, I. Morse code.