Provided by: babeltrace2_2.0.4-1build3_amd64 bug


       babeltrace2-sink.utils.counter - Babeltrace 2's message counter sink component class


       A Babeltrace 2 sink.utils.counter component prints to the standard output the number of
       messages it consumes with a count for each type.

                       | sink.utils.counter |
                       |                    +--> Statistics to the
           Messages -->@ in                 |    standard output

       See babeltrace2-intro(7) to learn more about the Babeltrace 2 project and its core

       The component’s output looks like this:

                   3842964 Event messages
                         4 Stream beginning messages
                         1 Stream end messages
                        18 Packet beginning messages
                        14 Packet end messages
                       189 Discarded event messages
                         0 Discarded packet messages
                         3 Message iterator inactivity messages
                   3843000 messages (TOTAL)

       By default, a sink.utils.counter component prints a new block of statistics every 1000
       consumed messages, whatever their types. You can use the step parameter to override this
       default period.

       The component always prints a block of statistics when there’s no more messages to consume
       from its upstream message iterator and the last block was different.

       By default, a sink.utils.counter component prints the count of messages for each type,
       even if this count is 0. You can make it hide the zero counts with the hide-zero


       hide-zero=yes [optional boolean]
           Do not print the statistics lines where the count is zero.

       step=STEP [optional unsigned integer]
           Print a new block of statistics every STEP consumed messages instead of 1000.

           If STEP is 0, then the component only prints statistics when there’s no more messages
           to consume.


           | sink.utils.counter |
           |                    |
           @ in                 |

           Single input port.


       If you encounter any issue or usability problem, please report it on the Babeltrace bug
       tracker (see <>).


       The Babeltrace project shares some communication channels with the LTTng project (see

       ·   Babeltrace website (see <>)

       ·   Mailing list (see <>) for support and development: lttng-

       ·   IRC channel (see <irc://>): #lttng on

       ·   Bug tracker (see <>)

       ·   Git repository (see <>)

       ·   GitHub project (see <>)

       ·   Continuous integration (see <>)

       ·   Code review (see <>)


       The Babeltrace 2 project is the result of hard work by many regular developers and
       occasional contributors.

       The current project maintainer is Jérémie Galarneau


       This component class is part of the Babeltrace 2 project.

       Babeltrace is distributed under the MIT license (see


       babeltrace2-intro(7), babeltrace2-plugin-utils(7)