Provided by: dh-dist-zilla_1.4.1_all bug


       dh-dist-zilla - debhelper add-on to run dzil (Dist::Zilla) during build


       The dh-dist-zilla package provides a sequence addon for debhelper 7 and above which can be
       used in the following two ways:

       In "debian/rules" since debhelper 7:

           #!/usr/bin/make -f
           export DH_VERBOSE=1
               dh $@ --with dist-zilla

       Since debhelper 11.4 alternatively also just in "debian/control":

           Build-Depends: dh-sequence-dist-zilla

       Both variants will call "dzil build" prior to "dh_auto_configure", "dzil clean" before
       "dh_clean" and will add the option "-D build-directory" to "dh_auto_configure",
       "dh_auto_build", "dh_auto_install", and "dh_auto_test".

   How to generate the .orig.tar.xz "upstream" tar-ball
       A `debian/rules` file as mentioned above also provides a `get-orig-source` target to
       generate a source tar ball which contains the minimal necessary contents (compared to the
       contents of tar-ball for CPAN which would require some additional, generated meta data

           make -f debian/rules get-orig-source

       Or if your `debian/rules` file is executable, you can also just call it like this:

           debian/rules get-orig-source

       If you want to type even less, there's also a `origtar` alias (named after the `origtargz`
       script from the `devscripts` package) for this target:

           debian/rules origtar


       debhelper(7), dh(1), dzil(1), dh_dzil_build(1), dh_dzil_clean(1), dh_dist_zilla_origtar(1)


       Elmar Heeb <> and Axel Beckert <>