Provided by: acorn-fdisk_3.0.6-12_amd64 bug


     acorn-fdisk — partition editor for Acorn/RISC OS machines


     acorn-fdisk -h | --help | -v | --version

     acorn-fdisk [-t scheme | --type scheme] -l | --list [device ...]

     acorn-fdisk [-t scheme | --type scheme] -s | --size partition

     acorn-fdisk [-t scheme | --type scheme] [device]


     The acorn-fdisk utility allows one to display or interactively edit partition tables for
     Acorn/RISC OS machines in various formats.  Using the PC/BIOS format, standard IBM PC (i386)
     partition tables can also be accessed.  When no optional device is given, it defaults to
     /dev/hda or /dev/sda.

     The options are as follows:

     -h | --help  Display a short usage and exit immediately.

     -l | --list  Display the partition table(s) of all devices.

     -s | --size  Display the size of partition.

     -t | --type  Select the partitioning scheme to use.  Valid schemes are:

                  EESOX            Eesox SCSI on the Acorn machines.

                  ICSIDEFS         ICS IDE.

                  Filecore/Linux   Linux on Filecore.  This uses the non-ADFS descriptor to point
                                   to the start of the disc to be partitioned.  The first two
                                   sectors contain a partition table to identify the Linux
                                   partitions contained within.

                  PC/BIOS          PC/BIOS partitioning scheme.  This consists of a partition
                                   table in the first sector of the disk which contains both CHS
                                   and LBA values for the partitions.  There can be up to four
                                   entries in the primary partition table.  One of these can be
                                   an extended partition containing up to four extra partitions.

                  PowerTec         PowerTec SCSI on the Acorn machines.

                  Filecore/RISCiX  RiscIX on Filecore.

     -v | --version
                  Display the version of acorn-fdisk and exit immediately.

     If neither -l | --list or -s | --size are given, the partition table of the given device
     will be edited interactively.


     Display the default device's partition table on a PC:

           acorn-fdisk --type PC/BIOS -l

     Display the PC partition table of /dev/sda:

           acorn-fdisk --type PC/BIOS --list /dev/sda

     Display the size in blocks of the partition /dev/sda1:

           acorn-fdisk --type PC/BIOS --size /dev/sda1

     Edit the MBR partition table interactively:

           acorn-fdisk --type PC/BIOS

     Display the partition table of an MBR backed up to a file:

           acorn-fdisk -t PC/BIOS -l mbrdump.bin

     Display the size of the first partition on a device where the MBR would be restored from the
     backup file mbrdump.bin:

           acorn-fdisk -t PC/BIOS -s mbrdump.bin1


     arm-fdisk was written by Russell King <> based on util-linux fdisk,
     which was written at least partially by
     A. V. Le Blanc <>.

     This manual page was written for the Debian system by
     Thorsten Glaser <> but may be used by others.