Provided by: alfred_2022.2-1_amd64 bug


       alfred-gpsd - Alfred GPS distribution server


       alfred-gpsd [options]


       alfred-gpsd can be used to distribute GPS location information over your batman-adv mesh
       network. It reads the current location from gpsd, or a fixed location from the command
       line, and distributes this information via alfred. By gathering this local information,
       any alfred-gpsd node can get location information about other nodes.


       -v, --version
              Print the version

       -h, --help
              Display a brief help message.

       -u, --unix-path path
              path to unix socket used for alfred server communication.

       -s, --server
              Start up in server mode. This server will read the current location from gpsd and
              set it in alfred via unix socket. The alfred server must run too to get this
              information set.

       -l, --location <lat>,<lon>,<alt>
              Rather than read the current location from gpsd, use a fixed location.

       -g, --gpsd server[:port[:device]]
              Specify the server hostname and optional port of where gpsd is listening.
              Additionally, a specific device connected to gpsd can be specified.


       Start an alfred-gpsd server which is fetching GPS data from the local gpsd.
            alfred-gpsd -s

       Start an alfred-gpsd server with a fixed location
            alfred-gpsd -s -l 48.858222,2.2945,358

       To get a list of GPS locations, in JSON format:
         { "source" : "f6:00:48:13:d3:1e", "tpv" : {"class":"TPV","tag":"RMC",
           "climb":0.000,"eps":31.44} },
         { "source" : "8e:4c:77:b3:65:b4", "tpv" : {"class":"TPV",
           "device":"command line","time":"2013-10-01T10:43:05.129Z",


       alfred(8), gpsd(8) gpsd_json(5)


       alfred-gpsd and this Manual page was written by Andrew Lunn <>