Provided by: asterisk_18.14.0~dfsg+~cs6.12.40431414-1_amd64 bug


       astdb2bdb - convert astdb back to Berkeley DB 1.86


       cd astvarlibdir && astdb2bdb path/to/astdb.sqlite3


       Up until version version 11, Asterisk used an old version of the Berkeley DB 1.86 (bdb) to
       store its internal persistent database. In version 11 it switched  to  using  a  SQLIte  3
       database. This program is used to convert the newly-formatted SQLite 3 astdb back to bdb.

       You may need it in case of reverting an upgrade or other similar scenarios.


       There is a single (and required) parameter: the path the the sqlite file.  The output file
       will be a file called astdb in the current working directory.


       In case you want to revert an upgrade to Asterisk 11, you  can  do  the  following  (while
       Asterisk is not running):

         cd /var/lib/asterisk && astdb2bdb astdb.sqlite3 && rm astdb.sqlite3

       This  will  convert  the  newly-formatted  astdb back to the old format, and delete it (to
       avoid obsolete data copies).


       Berkeley DB 1.86 is obsolete. It is incompatible with newer versions (4.x and newer)  that
       you  may  see  around.  Chances  are  you  don't have the tools to use it independently of


       astdb2sqlite3(8), asterisk(8)


       astdb2bdb was written by Terry Wilson <>.

       This manual page was written by Tzafrir Cohen <>.