Provided by: atm-tools_2.5.1-4build2_amd64 bug


       atmdump - capture or generate ATM cells


       atmdump [-i] [ -t type [-g gfc] [-c] ] [itf.]vpi.vci


       atmdump  captures  or  generates  single  ATM cells ("AAL0"). When capturing cells, a time
       stamp, the cell header contents, and a hex dump  of  the  cell  payload  are  shown.  When
       sending  cells,  the  payload  type,  the  generic  flow  control (GFC), and the cell loss
       priority (CLP) can be set.

       In both modes of operation, the interface  number,  the  VPI,  and  the  VCI  have  to  be

       When  sending,  atmdump  expects the cell payload on standard input.  If only less than 48
       bytes can be read, the remaining space is padded with zero bytes.


       -i     displays timestamps as the interval since the last cell reception. By default,  the
              absolute time is displayed. This options is ignored in transmit mode.

       -t type
              selects  transmit mode and specifies the payload type. A list of valid payload type
              numbers can be obtained by invoking atmdump without any arguments.

       -g gfc specifies the value of the GFC field. gfc has to be in the  range  from  0  to  15,
              default is zero.

       -c     sets  the  cell loss priority flag, indicating low priority. By default, CLP is not


       Some device drivers may not pass OAM cells transparently.


       Werner Almesberger, EPFL ICA <>


       atmdiag(8), clip(8), sonetdiag(8)