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       bbstored-certs - Manage certificates for the Box Backup system


       bbstored-certs certs-dir command [arguments]


       bbstored-certs creates and signs certificates for use in Box Backup. It allows the user to
       create and sign the server keys, as well as signing client keys.

       All commands must be followed by the certs-dir, which is the directory in which the
       certificates are stored.

       There are 3 commands:

           Create the certs-dir, and generate the server keys for bbstored.  certs-dir cannot
           exist before running the command.

       sign-server servercsrfile
           Sign the server certificate. The servercsrfile is the file generated by the init

       sign clientcsrfile
           Sign a client certificate. The clientcsrfile is generated during client setup. See
           bbackupd-config(8). Send the signed certificate back to the client, and install
           according to the instructions given by bbackupd-config.


       raidfile-config(8) generates the raidfile.conf(5) file.


       If you find a bug in Box Backup, and you want to let us know about it, join the mailing
       list[1], and send a description of the problem there.

       To report a bug, give us at least the following information:

       •   The version of Box Backup you are running

       •   The platform you are running on (hardware and OS), for both client and server.

       •   If possible attach your config files (bbstored.conf, bbackupd.conf) to the bug report.

       •   Also attach any log file output that helps shed light on the problem you are seeing.

       •   And last but certainly not least, a description of what you are seeing, in as much
           detail as possible.


       bbstored-config(8), bbstored.conf(5), bbstoreaccounts(8)


       Ben Summers

       Per Thomsen

       James O´Gorman


        1. mailing list