Provided by: ax25-tools_0.0.10-rc5+git20190411+3595f87-5_amd64 bug


       beacon - transmit periodic messages on an AX.25 port.


       beacon  [-c  <src_call>]  [-d <dest_call>[digi ..]] [-f] [-H] [-l] [-m] [-s] [-t interval]
       [-v] port “message”


       Beacon transmits the message text on an AX.25 port every thirty minutes.  The  message  is
       addressed  to  “IDENT”  and  is sent using the AX.25 callsign of the port specified on the
       command line. Typically the message text will  contain  spaces  and/or  other  characters,
       therefore  the  message text should be enclosed in quotes to ensure they are passed to the
       beacon program untranslated.


       -c              Configure the source callsign for beacons.  The  default  is  to  use  the
                       interface callsign.

       -d              Configure  the  destination  callsign for beacons. The default is “IDENT”.
                       Optional: Digipeaters may follow, separated  with  spaces.  Use  -d  "DEST
                       DIGI1 DIGI2 .."

       -f              Do not fork into the background.

       -l              Enables the logging of errors to the system log, the default is off.

       -H              Start interval relative to the hour.

       -m              Changes  the destination address to “MAIL” and sends the message text once
                       only. This option overrides any destination callsign  given  with  the  -d

       -s              Sends the message text once only.

       -t interval     The  time  interval between messages, the interval is given in minutes and
                       the default is thirty minutes.

       -v              Display the version.


       ax25(4), axports(5).


       Alan Cox GW4PTS <>
       Jonathan Naylor G4KLX <>
       David Brooke G6GZH <>