Provided by: arpwatch_2.1a15-8_amd64 bug


       bihourly - track ethernet/ip address pairs




       bihourly is a script that automates the operation of arpsnmp(8) by executing arpfetch(8)
       on a series of hostnames and then sending the results to arpsnmp(8) for analysis.

       The result is a report of the current pairings between ip addresses and the corresponding
       ethernet address of the network hardware as reported by snmpwalk(8).  Activity is logged
       and noted changes are reported by email.

       In its working directory bihourly expects a file named list which contains a space
       separated list of hostnames to be queried and a file named cname which holds the SNMP
       community name by which to query these hosts.

       Contrary to the name, bihourly does not run twice every hour. It runs once each time it is
       invoked. For repeated operation bihourly must be invoked on a periodic basis by a program
       like cron(1).


       /var/lib/arpwatch - default working directory
       list - file containing names of hosts to query
       cname - file containing the SNMP community name by which to query


       arpsnmp(8), arpfetch(8), snmpwalk(8), cron(8)


       Please send bug reports to


       Craig  Leres  of  the  Lawrence  Berkeley  National  Laboratory  Network  Research  Group,
       University of California, Berkeley, CA.

       The current version is available via anonymous ftp:


       This manual page was contributed by Hugo Graumann.