Provided by: ax25-tools_0.0.10-rc5+git20190411+3595f87-5_amd64 bug


       bpqparms - Configure BPQ ethernet devices.


       bpqparms device [-a ethaddr] [-d ethaddr] [-vV]


       Bpqparms  allows the setting of the BPQ Ethernet options for a particular device. Each BPQ
       Ethernet device appears as a device named bpq0...bpqN which overlays the original Ethernet
       device, usually eth0...ethN. This device is an AX.25 device driver and allows AX.25 frames
       to be transmitted over an Ethernet to another machine using the same protocol. The default
       for  the device is to send and receive BPQ Ethernet packets to the broadcast address. This
       program replaces the previous “axparms -dev” option.


       -a ethaddr     Allows the setting of which ethernet address will be accepted  by  the  BPQ
                      Ethernet device.

       -d ethaddr     If  specified on its own, will set the destination ethernet address will be
                      used for transmitting and for receiving of BPQ ethernet packets. An address
                      of “broadcast” sets it to the ethernet broadcast address.

       -v             Displays the version number.

       -V             The original version messages.


       ax25(4), axports(5), ifconfig(8).


       Joerg Reuter DL1BKE <>