Provided by: comitup_1.15-1_all bug


       comitup-cli - command-line interface for comitup network management

              $ `comitup-cli`

              State: HOTSPOT
              Connection: hotspot-123
                  1: MyAccessPoint
                  2: HisAccessPoint
              Available Commands:
                  connect to (<n>)

       The comitup-cli utility provides access to the comitup(8) D-Bus interface.  It is intended
       to serve as a debug tool, and a source code example for connecting to the interface.

       If the comitup(8) service is not running, comitup-cli will immediately exit.


       · State

         The comitup states are HOTSPOT, CONNECTING, and CONNECTED.

         In the HOTSPOT mode, comitup creates a wifi hotspot with the name  comitup-<nnn>,  where
         <nnn> is a persistent number.

         Once  in  HOTSPOT  mode,  the  system will occasionally (~1/min) cycle through available
         defined connections, by transitioning to the CONNECTING mode.  The Access Point list  is
         updated  by this process.  Any command issued by comitup-cli will cause the next timeout
         instance to be skipped.

         Once a connection is established, the system will be in  the  CONNECTED  mode.   If  the
         connection  is  lost, failed, or deleted, the system will transition back to the HOTSPOT

       · Connection

         The ssid of the current active connection.

       · Points

         While in the HOTSPOT mode, comitup-cli will list the currently-visible access points, by
         ssid.   Access  points with the strongest signal are sorted to the top of the list.  The
         entries are numbered, for use with the connect command.


       · r - Reload

         Refresh the displayed state, mode, and list of access points.

       · q - Quit

         Exit comitup.cli.

       · d - Delete connection

         Delete the configuration information for the current wifi connection.  This  will  cause
         comitup to transition to the HOTSPOT mode.

         This command is not available in the HOTSPOT mode.

       · <n> - Connect to access point <n>

         Define a connection for the selected access point, and then attempt to connect.

         This command is only available in the HOTSPOT mode.

       · m - Manual connection

         Enter an SSID manually.

       · i - Get information

         Return the comitup version and host name for the current instance.

       Comitup is Copyright (C) 2016-2019 David Steele <>

       comitup(8), comitup-conf(5), comitup-web(8)

                                          February 2019                            comitup-cli(8)