Provided by: connman_1.41-2_amd64 bug


       ConnMan-VPN - VPN management daemon


       connman-vpnd [--version|--help]

       connman-vpnd [-c file] [-d [file[,...]]] [-p plugin[,...]] [-P plugin[,...]] [-n]


       The  ConnMan-VPN provides a daemon for managing vpn connections together with connmand(8).
       The Connection Manager is designed to be slim and to use as few resources as possible. The
       VPN  daemon  supports  openconnect(8),  openvpn(8), vpnc(8) and L2TP/PPTP (xl2tpd.conf(5),
       pptp(8), pppd(8)).


       The following options are supported:

       -v, --version
              Print the ConnMan-VPN software version and exit.

       -h, --help
              Print ConnMan-VPN's available options and exit.

       -c file, --config=file
              Specify configuration file  to  set  up  various  settings  for  ConnMan.   If  not
              specified,  the  default  value  of  /etc/connman/connman-vpn.conf  is  used.   See
              connman-vpn.conf(5) for more information on configuration file. The use  of  config
              file is optional and sane default values are used if config file is missing.

       -d [file[,...]], --debug[=file[,...]]
              Sets  how  much  information  ConnMan-VPN  sends  to  the  log destination (usually
              syslog's "daemon" facility).  If the  file  options  are  omitted,  then  debugging
              information  from  all  the  source files are printed. If file options are present,
              then only debug prints from that source file are printed. Example:

                  connman-vpnd --debug=vpn/vpn-provider.c,vpn/vpn-config.c

       -n, --nodaemon
              Do not daemonize. This is useful for debugging,  and  directs  log  output  to  the
              controlling terminal in addition to syslog.


       connmanctl(1), connman-vpn.conf(5), connman-vpn-provider.config(5), connmand(8)

                                            2015-10-15                             CONNMAN-VPN(8)