Provided by: corosync-qdevice_3.0.1-1_amd64 bug


       corosync-qdevice-tool - corosync-qdevice control interface.


       corosync-qdevice-tool [-Hhsv] [-p qdevice_ipc_socket_path]


       corosync-qdevice-tool is a frontend to the internal corosync-qdevice IPC. Its main purpose
       is to show important information about the current internal state of corosync-qdevice.


       -H     Properly shutdown the corosync-qdevice process

       -h     Display a short usage text

       -s     Display the status of the corosync-qdevice process. The output is described in  its
              own section below.

       -v     Display more verbose output for the -s option.

       -p     Path to the corosync-qdevice communication socket.


       Qdevice information
       Model:                  Net
       Node ID:                1
       HB interval:            10000ms
       Sync HB interval:       30000ms
       Configured node list:
           0   Node ID = 1
       Heuristics:             Enabled
       Ring ID:                1.a00000000021b48
       Membership node list:   1
       Quorate:                Yes
       Quorum node list:
           0   Node ID = 1, State = member
       Expected votes:         2
       Last poll call:         2016-06-24T17:05:20 (cast vote)

       Qdevice-net information
       Cluster name:           Cluster
       QNetd host:             localhost:5403
       Connect timeout:        8000ms
       HB interval:            8000ms
       VQ vote timer interval: 5000ms
       TLS:                    Supported
       Algorithm:              Fifty-Fifty split
       Tie-breaker:            Node with lowest node ID
       KAP Tie-breaker:        Enabled
       Poll timer running:     Yes (cast vote)
       State:                  Connected
       Heuristics result:      Pass (regular: Pass, membership: Fail, connect: Fail)
       TLS active:             Yes (client certificate sent)
       Connected since:        2016-06-24T17:02:35
       Echo reply received:    2016-06-24T17:05:15

       The  output is split into a generic qdevice section and a model specific section.  Most of
       the items are just taken from corosync.conf file. It's helpful to note that the Membership
       node  list  is  the  membership  list of the current node and should match the quorum node
       list.  Last poll call  is  the  timestamp  (in  iso  format)  of  the  last  call  to  the
       votequorum_qdevice_poll function.

       For  model  net,  it's  good  to check the Poll timer running state. Internally, model net
       supports 3 states. Not voting (when Poll timer running is No, which means corosync-qdevice
       is  waiting  for  corosync-qnetd  to  reply), voting (without cast vote, it means that the
       corosync-qnetd algorithm decides that the current node shouldn't get a  vote)  and  voting
       (with cast vote).


       corosync-qnetd(8) corosync-qdevice(8)


       Jan Friesse

                                            2020-10-27                   COROSYNC-QDEVICE-TOOL(8)