Provided by: pacemaker-cli-utils_2.1.4-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       Pacemaker - Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager


       crm_failcount <command> [<options>]


       crm_failcount - Query or delete resource fail counts

   Common options:
       --help Display this text, then exit

              Display version information, then exit

       -V, --verbose
              Specify multiple times to increase debug output

       -q, --quiet
              Print only the value (if querying)

       -G, --query
              Query the current value of the resource's fail count

       -D, --delete
              Delete resource's recorded failures

   Additional Options:
       -r, --resource=value
              Name of the resource to use (required)

       -n, --operation=value
              Name of operation to use (instead of all operations)

       -I, --interval=value
              If operation is specified, its interval

       -N, --node=value
              Use failcount on named node (instead of local node)


       Written by Andrew Beekhof and the Pacemaker project contributors