Provided by: inn_1.7.2q-46build3_amd64 bug


       crosspost - create the links for cross posted articles


       crosspost [ -D dir ] [ -s ] [ file...  ]


       Crosspost  reads  group  and  article number data from files or standard input if none are
       specified.  (A single dash in the file list means to read standard input.)  It  uses  this
       information  to  create the hard, or symbolic, links for cross posted articles.  Crosspost
       is designed to be used by InterNetNews to create  the  links  as  the  articles  come  in.
       Normally  innd creates the links but by having crosspost create the links innd spends less
       time waiting for disk IO.  In this mode one would start innd(8) using the ``-L'' flag.

       Crosspost expects input in the form:


       with one line per article.  Any dots in the input are translated into "/" to translate the
       news group into a pathname.  The first field is assumed to be the name of an existing copy
       of the article.  Crosspost will attempt to link all the subsequent entries  to  the  first
       using hard links if possible or symbolic links if that fails.

       By default, crosspost processes its input as an INN channel feed written as a ``WR'' entry
       in the newsfeeds(5) file, for example:


       To process the history file and re-create all the links for all articles use:

              awk <history -F'    ' '(NF > 2){print $3}' | crosspost

       (where the -F is followed by a tab character.)

       The ``-D'' flag can be used to specify where the article spool  is  stored.   The  default
       directory is /var/spool/news.

       By default crosspost will fsync(2) each article after updating the links.  The ``-s'' flag
       can be used to prevent this.


       Written by Jerry Aguirre <jerry@ATC.Olivetti.Com>.


       newsfeeds(5), innd(8).