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       dcb-dcbx - show / manipulate port DCBX (Data Center Bridging eXchange)


       dcb [ OPTIONS ] dcbx { COMMAND | help }

       dcb dcbx show dev DEV

       dcb dcbx set dev DEV [ host ] [ lld-managed ] [ cee ] [ ieee ] [ static ]


       Data Center Bridging eXchange (DCBX) is a protocol used by DCB devices to exchange
       configuration information with directly connected peers. The Linux DCBX object is a 1-byte
       bitfield of flags that configure whether DCBX is implemented in the device or in the host,
       and which version of the protocol should be used.  dcb dcbx is used to access the per-port
       Linux DCBX object.

       There are two principal modes of operation: in host mode, DCBX protocol is implemented by
       the host LLDP agent, and the DCB interfaces are used to propagate the negotiate parameters
       to capable devices. In lld-managed mode, the configuration is handled by the device, and
       DCB interfaces are used for inspection of negotiated parameters, and can also be used to
       set initial parameters.


       When used with dcb dcbx set, the following keywords enable the corresponding
       configuration. The keywords that are not mentioned on the command line are considered
       disabled. When used with show, each enabled feature is shown by its corresponding keyword.

              The device is in the host mode of operation and, respectively, the lld-managed mode
              of operation, as described above. In principle these two keywords are mutually
              exclusive, but dcb dcbx allows setting both and lets the driver handle it as

       ieee   The device supports CEE (Converged Enhanced Ethernet) and, respecively, IEEE
              version of the DCB specification. Typically only one of these will be set, but dcb
              dcbx does not mandate this.

       static indicates the engine supports static configuration. No actual negotiation is
              performed, negotiated parameters are always the initial configuration.


       Put the DCB engine into the "host" mode of operation, and use IEEE-standardized DCB

       # dcb dcbx set dev eth0 host ieee

       Show what was set:

       # dcb dcbx show dev eth0
       host ieee


       Exit status is 0 if command was successful or a positive integer upon failure.




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       Petr Machata <>