Provided by: rt-tests_2.4-1_amd64 bug


       deadline_test - High resolution test program


       This program is used to test the deadline scheduler (SCHED_DEADLINE tasks)


       deadline_test  [ -hb ] [ -c CPUSET ] [ -i INTV ] [ -p PERCENT ] [ -P PERCENT ] [ -r PRIO ]
       [ -s STEP ] [ -t NUM ]


       -b     Bind on the last cpu. (shortcut for -c <lastcpu>)

       -c CPUSET
              Comma/hyphen separated list of CPUs to run deadline tasks on

       -h     Show this help menu

       -i INTV
              The shortest deadline for the tasks

       -p PERCENT
              The percent of bandwidth to use (1-90%)

       -P PERCENT
              The percent of runtime for execution completion (default 100%)

       -r PRIO
              Add an RT task with given prio to stress system

       -s STEP
              The amount to increase the deadline for each task in us (default 500us)

       -t NUM The number of threads to run as deadline (default 1)


       Deadline test was written by Steven Rostedt <>

       This manual page was written by John Kacur <>

                                         November 1, 2018                        DEADLINE_TEST(8)