Provided by: dhcpcd-gtk_0.7.8-1_amd64 bug


     dhcpcd-online — a utility to work out if dhcpcd(8) is in the connected state


     dhcpcd-online [-q] [-t timeout] [-x]


     dhcpcd-online connects to dhcpcd(8) and waits for a maximum of timeout seconds until the
     status changes to connected.  This tool is intended for use in the startup of the host
     system where dhcpcd(8) is started in parallel with other services who depend on a network
     connection being available.

     -q      Suppresses the reporting of non error messages.

     -t timeout
             Sets the number of seconds dhcpcd-online waits for dhcpcd(8) to reach the connected
             state.  If not specified, a default value of 30 is used.

     -x      Exits immediately if dhcpcd(8) is not running.


     dhcpcd(8) needs to be running in Master mode for dhcpcd-online to work.


     Roy Marples <>


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